• To make hidden value everywhere clear & visible


  • Consult on innovative technology to assist small businesses, urban communities & rural communities in creating, scaling, and sustaining value.


  • Consulting to create and scale sustainable value to every corner of the globe.



  • We negotiate in good faith.

  • We do not exercise the power of our expertise or position to influence the decisions or actions of others in order to benefit personally at their expense.

  • We do not act in an abusive manner toward others.

  • We respect the property rights of others.


  • We do not engage in or condone behavior designed to deceive others, including but not limited to making misleading or false statements, stating half-truths, providing information out of context, or withholding information that, if known, would render our statements misleading or incomplete.

  • We do not engage in dishonest behavior with the intention of personal gain or at the expense of another.


  • We inform ourselves and uphold the policies, rules, regulations, and laws that govern our work, professional, and volunteer activities.

  • We report unethical or illegal conduct to appropriate management and, if necessary, to those affected by the conduct.

  • We only file ethics complaints when they are substantiated by facts


  • We proactively and fully disclose any real or potential conflicts of interest to the appropriate stakeholders.

  • When we realize that we have a real or potential conflict of interest, we refrain from engaging in the decision-making process or otherwise attempting to influence outcomes unless or until we have made full disclosure to the affected stakeholders; we have an approved mitigation plan, and we have obtained the consent of the stakeholders to proceed.

  • We do not hire or fire, reward or punish, or award or deny contracts based on personal considerations, including but not limited to favoritism, nepotism, or bribery.

  • We do not discriminate against others based on, but not limited to, gender, race, age, religion, disability, nationality, or sexual orientation.

  • We apply the organization's rules (employer) without favoritism or prejudice.